Main Street Program

Durant Main Street is a non profit 501c3 organization. The Program is for the use and benefit of the citizens of the City of Durant and the surrounding trade area to promote the economic growth and well-being of Durant, preserve and improve the historic value of its downtown, create a quality business environment for both business and consumer, and to be an ever expanding information resource for the downtown area.

Durant Main Street strictuly adheres to the Four Point Approach established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Four Point Trust is based on the belief that the four points (organization, design, economic restructuring, and promotion) provide a comprehensive plan to accomplish goals.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation was created in 1977 to address the complexity of downtown revitalization and historic preservation.

The Oklahoma Main Street program was created in 1985. It operates as part of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

The Durant Main Street program was authorized by Oklahoma Main Street and began operations in June 1997.

Vision Statement

Fully understanding what Durant Main Street is and can do for them, citizens of Durant have rallied around the program yielding impressive results. Downtown Durant is now recognized as a cohesive district, where each business and building complements its neighbor while capitalizing on its own uniqueness. Downtown is the focal point for an ever-growing revitalization effort. As a result of Main Street, historic preservation has become the cornerstone for renewed pride in the community.

Downtown's attractiveness and inviting streetscape serves as a perfect backdrop for this socally functional district. Likewise, our revitalized merchant base provides the mix of goods and services that satisfies the market - including locals and out-of-town visitors and tourists- turning the road to Texas into a two-way street.

Building in the strong partnerships among Main Street, the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce, city and county government and other private and public organizations, hundreds of volunteers have made downtown Durant a showplace and center of the community. Based on a commonly held vision, these volunteers continue to raise the stake for an ideal downtown district. 

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