Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

A community shares common attitudes, interests and goals. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma strives to be the best of neighbors, contributing to the area in a variety of ways.

The tribe's diversity is a great asset to Southeastern Oklahoma. The Choctaw Nation is the largest employer, one who plans ahead with a mixture of business entities having 6,337 employees as of February 2013 with 2,000 of those employees living in Bryan County. Tribal headquarters are located in Durant and give access to programs on education, a variety of children, elder and family services, and public safety among others.

Putting ideas into action, the Choctaw Nation has developed a recycling facility in Durant to help offset the amount of waste hauled to landfills, to save energy and to ultimately provide a better environment for our children and our grandchildren. It has given everyone in the Durant area the opportunity to be good stewards of the land, having collected well over 1 million pounds of recycled material over the past three years. Because of this productive effort in the cummunity, the center was awarded the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful 2012 Towering Spirit Award. The recycling center, located 3108 Enterprise Drive is open to the public 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Two of the Choctaw Nation's most exciting enterprises are Choctaw Defense and Choctaw Global Staffing.

Choctaw Defense is the nation's leading Native American defense manufacturer, whose staff designs and builds products for the military. Established in 1988, is is the largest supplier of military shipping and storage containers. Choctaw Defense maintains 225 employees fulfilling contracts for the United States, Navy, Air Force and the Marines.

Choctaw Global Staffing provides professional staffing services through 25 large contracts with several federal agencies, including the Department of Defense and the State Department. Staff is provided in healthcare and maintenance services in 49 states and over 20 countries worldwide, including 280 embassies and consulates. Global Staffing has adminstrative offices in Durant and San Antonio with over 600 employees total.

Other businesses in the Durant area include an event center, RV Park, Texoma Print Services, two travel plazas, a community center and a child development center, housing both Head Start and a day care.

One point of the multi-faced Choctaw Nation is its gaming industry. It is a major component making a significant impact on employment and tourism with its casinos, restaurants, entertainment venues, shops and hotels.

A job-training program provides summer jobs for 1,400 youth, age 14 to 21. The young men and women often reapply to the program every year and continue working on a full-time basis after they graduate. Other educational components of the Choctaw Nation cover higher education with $6 million in scholarships last year, scholarship advisement to help students find the best educational oppportunities and assist them in achieving their goals, the STAR Reward Program for 2nd through 12th graders, adult educationfor obtaining GEDs, career development and a DARE officer, who spreads awareness of the importance of staying off drugs. Young leaders involved in the Choctaw Nation Youth Empowerment and Youth Advisory Boards assist in community events and actively promote prevention of bullying, domestic violence and substance abuse.

The Scholarship Advisement Program helps over 10,000 students in Grades 9 through graduate school. The program holds its annual recruitment event, Ivy League and Friends, with the hopes of helping tribal members attain their education goals, interact with representatives from schools in higher education and advance their future. With 41 universities from across the United States present at 2012's event, 300 students and parents were eagerly in attendance.

It is important to the Choctaw Nation to maintain tradition and heritage of thet ribe and spread the culture of the Choctaw people. The School of the Choctaw Language holds community language classes all over the State of Oklahoma.

Each community is unique and the Choctaw Nation's ability to recognize common goals and think creatively has had a positive impact on the entire area.